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DataCenter Prep Complete for Cisco UCS

We completed our data center preparations a few weeks ago.    I knew we were getting some higher end power distribution units (PDUs) for the server cabinets, but I did not realize how big these items are.   We went with APC7866 PDUs for the following reasons:

  1. Two of them provide the requisite number of outlets that we need for an entire rack of UCS.
  2. The PDUs can be monitored via SNMP.  This cabinet is going to very dense in terms of compute power so we’ll need to stay on top of environmental and power conditions.
  3. Our Cisco SE recommended it.  Nothing like having equipment recommended by your vendors.

Below is a photo of the power outlet from out data center PDU:

As you can see, that goes from my colleague’s wrist to his elbow.   Now here’s a photo of the two PDUs (data center and server cabinet) connected:

The length of the two connectors is almost as long as a grown man’s arm!    Just for grins, here is what the server cabinet PDU plug looks like:

Those are some beefy looking prongs.  They need to be since we are looking at 3phase, 240volt, 60amp.

What are you using for your UCS implementation?


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